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How To Unblock Epic.Games I´ve tried everything FortiGate 200E


I´d like to unblocking Epic.Games

I have used FortiGate200E

I have tried this options below(image links), but i didn´t get

How  can I full access to and Unreal Engine?



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Have you tried allowing epic games in your application control profile? Also have you tried placing the allow rule for epic games to be above the rule that is blocking epic games?


I did config in application Control (please see attached image)


How can I do that: placing the allow rule for epic games to be above the rule that is blocking epic games



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Go to your policy list in the GUI and drag and drop the new one to be above the old one.


Hi bmorris

I´m using FortiGate 200E I tried do find out this options, but i did´t find it.

I´m not seing how drag and drop in menu itens...:(

Please tell me step by step

Which item menu?

security Profiles -> Aplication Control?

Thank you so much, i´m a newbie...



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Are you running application filtering?

If so you may need to add an exception in the application filtering profile.



Apologies, did not see all the previous posts.


The problem is not in my firewall. There is other onde above out net. This Firewall has updated its rules to block epicgames

I can´t manage this firewall. 

Thank you guys



Hello marcostim,


This is what you need to do. You have to make changes on the CLI to rearrange the priority. The few things you need to know - category 8 = games, application 45728 = Epic.Games. You need to move the entry with category 8 above the entry with application 45728. Execute the following commands:


config application list

edit "<your application sensor>"

config entries

?      -> This will show you the entries in your sensor

move <entry with category 8> before <entry with application 45728>     -> E.g. move 2 before 1




This should rearrange your sensor to give priority to category 8. If you would like specific instructions you can send the the full CLI output for your sensor and I can give you the exact instructions. Thanks.



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