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Internet redundancy over 2 sites

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I have 2 sites each with a 50E, these two sites are connected to each other via a site to site fiber via layer 3 switches. Internet for one site  Routing between the two sites's vlans is configured via the switches. The 50E's only provide internet breakout for each site. The requirement now is to use each site internet breakout as a back up for the other site. There is no site to site vpn configured between the sites, routing is happening between the switches via layer 3. How would you guys approach such a scenario?  

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Just create a site-to-site IPsec VPN and set routes on it. These routes (one on each site, leading to the remote subnet via the tunnel interface) should have a higher distance than the default route. Once the internet access is down, the VPN route takes over and traffic continues to flow.


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