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Horrible blank window on login to FortiClient VPN


I'm using desktop FortiClient VPN v. on Windows 10.

I'm randomly experiencing an issue on login to a VPN. Instead of connecting to the server, sometimes a blank window pops up as shown in the attached screenshot.

Then I have to close the window but each new attempt to login will fail and ultimately force me to close and relaunch FortiClient, which is very annoying.

Any help to get rid of this issue would be highly appreciated.


Login failedLogin failed


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I'd try with a recent version instead of such an old version. Then see if the issue persists.
It's also a security risk to use old versions, so I recommend to use at least version 7.0.10.

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Thanks for replying. The version is given by our employer and we have no control over it, but I'll try to report this issue and demand for an upgrade.

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It's not only your issue, but more importantly the reason to upgrade is to become safe. Several vulnerabilities have been fixed in the versions after 7.0.1, so not upgrading is not really a wise choice.

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I upgraded the client to latest version (7.2), but then it stopped working altogether.

It won't login to the VPN, failing to connect at 10%.

See attached screenshot.

Taking to some colleagues, it looks like it's a common issue and the main reason why we are told to downgrade to version 7.0.

Fail to connect to vpnFail to connect to vpn


Hi, have you tried the latest version 7.2.3 released a few days ago? Try disabling IPv6 on your network card and check what the logs say that you can export from the settings. If possible try connecting with your phone's hotspot as an additional test. In the fortigate, in SSL VPN portal, do you have anything configured in the Host Check section?

The error may be 'Unable to establish the VPN connection. The VPN server may be unreachable'.
The issue is usually due to a network connection.
Check whether the PC is able to access the internet and reach the VPN server on the necessary port.
Check whether the correct remote Gateway and port are configured in FortiClient settings.
Confirm whether the server certificate has been selected in FortiGate SSL VPN settings.
Check firewall policy to make sure there is at least one policy with Incoming Interface as SSL VPN tunnel interface (ssl.root).


Hi, sorry for answering so late, just come back from holidays.

I downloaded and installed again latest version from, but the shown installed version is still 7.2.2

I can't find any Host Check section. Where is it located?

Now I don't even get the 10% output: I'm clicking "SAMS Login" but nothing happens. I only see the label: "Status: Connecting" and keep waiting forever.


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