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Help configuring Fortinet 80E

I have a question about how I should configure my 80E Fortinet device. The drawing I've attached is a representation of what I'm trying to accomplish. On the right-hand side, you will notice a private network connected to another private network via a juniper srx345 FW. The could marked "Internal Network" is a network where public safety dispatch consoles are comprised. and it's IP scheme is The cloud marked "Customers Network" has an unknown configuration. They have stated that the WAN port of my Fortinet will have an IP address in the range. Also, their FW connected to the internet will allow IPsec VPN traffic. I will NAT traffic from the Juniper interface that's facing the Fortinet to two addresses in the network (these two addresses ( & will be representative of the two laptops you see on the left-hand side of the diagram). The operation is as follows: The two laptops (consoles) will be housed in a mobile vehicle. When powered up, the consoles will initially receive a DHCP address from the ATT LTE router that will be housed at the same location. That way they will be able to search the internet, BUT when they want to dispatch, they would activate their Forticlient VPN, received an IP address from the Fortinet FW (I will map their MAC addresses to a pool of IP addresses configured on the Fortinet...that way each laptop receives the same IP every time). After the VPN is connected, they will open an application on the laptops that will "look" for the proxy console on the network (see far right side of the diagram).


So, my questions are:

1). Should I configure the Fortinet in NAT or Transparent mode?

2). The network space between the juniper and Fortinet...should that be an IP scheme in the 10.1032.56.0 network, or should that be in the NAT'd IP scheme of the network (I plan on having the juniper NAT the two addresses that I want the remote consoles to "look" like to the 192.168.43. 21 and 22 addresses).

3). What IPO address should I configure into the Fortinet IPSec VPN poll?


I appreciate any assistance that anyone can provide. Thank you in advance.


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Your image is not showing for me.

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...or anybody.

I for my part would just be too curious after posting and actually have a look whether my posted image really shows...


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