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Help Determining Unit's Disk State

Good Morning!


I've got a 60C unit that stopped responding. On a HQIP test it accused disk problems. Can i still use this unit as a temporary replacement? Follows HQIP LOG:


FortiGate-60C (16:24-09.28.2011) Ver:04000026 Serial number: FGT60C3G11021972 CPU(00): 525MHz Total RAM: 512MB Initializing boot device... Initializing MAC... nplite#0 Press any key to display configuration menu... ...... Reading boot image... 1538645 bytes. Initializing firewall...

System is started.

Test program loading(HQIP, Build1003,Dec 15 2010 19:42:45) ...

You are running HQIP test program. To start testing, login as "admin" without password, and type: diagnose hqip start


HQIP login: admin Password: Welcome !

HQIP # diagnose hqip start

HQIP mode is: base expcard memory hdd std_nic usb

Fortinet Hardware Quick Inspection


- Wire the network ports as following for NIC loopback test. [PORT1 - PORT2] [PORT3 - PORT4] [PORT5 - WAN1] [WAN2/Express Card - DMZ]

Press any key to continue ... Test Begin at UTC Time Thu Mar 12 03:21:59 2015

==> BIOS Integrity Check

Gathering system information...... Model Name:[FGT60C] Unit BIOS Version:[04000026] Unit Fortinet SN:[FGT60C3G11021972] Unit OEM SN:[FGT60C3G11021972] Unit First MAC:[00090F1C2792]

Checking BIOS checksum...Good

License is good!

<== BIOS Integrity Check - PASS

==> System Configuration Check

Processor: FA526id(wb) rev 1 (v4l) CPU number: 1 CPU MIPS: 524 Total Memory: 450676 KB Boot Device: sda Size: 7640 MB

dmz macaddress: 00:09:0F:1C:27:95 internal1 macaddress: 00:09:0F:1C:27:92 internal2 macaddress: 00:09:0F:1C:27:99 internal3 macaddress: 00:09:0F:1C:27:98 internal4 macaddress: 00:09:0F:1C:27:97 internal5 macaddress: 00:09:0F:1C:27:96 wan1 macaddress: 00:09:0F:1C:27:93 wan2 macaddress: 00:09:0F:1C:27:94

Total 8 net port(s) found.


<== System Configuration Check - PASS

==> Memory Test

pagesize=4096, pagesizemask=FFFFF000 Detecting memory(440MB)...[Done, 223MB will be tested]

STRESS->MEM-> 1.Stuck Address... STRESS->MEM-> 1.Stuck Address PASSED. STRESS->MEM-> 2.Random value... STRESS->MEM-> 2.Random value PASSED. STRESS->MEM-> 3.XOR comparison... STRESS->MEM-> 3.XOR comparison PASSED. STRESS->MEM-> 4.SUB comparison... STRESS->MEM-> 4.SUB comparison PASSED. STRESS->MEM-> 5.MUL comparison... STRESS->MEM-> 5.MUL comparison PASSED. STRESS->MEM-> 6.DIV comparison... STRESS->MEM-> 6.DIV comparison PASSED. STRESS->MEM-> 7.OR comparison... STRESS->MEM-> 7.OR comparison PASSED. STRESS->MEM-> 8.AND comparison... STRESS->MEM-> 8.AND comparison PASSED. STRESS->MEM-> 9.Sequential Increment... STRESS->MEM-> 9.Sequential Increment PASSED. STRESS->MEM-> Round 0 completed in 164 seconds (0 errors).

Release memory done.

<== Memory Test - PASS

==> CPU Test

CPU check is done!

<== CPU Test - PASS

==> CPU/Memory Performance Test

48000000 bytes memory will be covered. vvvvvvvvvv Function Rate (MB/s) RMS time Min time Max time Copy: 154.8708 0.2075 0.2066 0.2086 Scale: 43.4650 0.7383 0.7362 0.7400 Add: 61.0996 0.7878 0.7856 0.7910 Triad: 35.6134 1.3573 1.3478 1.3602

<== CPU/Memory Performance Test - PASS

==> FortiASIC Test

Test FortiASIC SoC VPN.

ASIC SoC SSL testing... SSL ARC4 tested

SSL DES tested

SSL 3DES tested

SSL HMAC-MD5 tested

SSL HMAC-SHA1 tested

SSL AES 128bit tested

SSL AES 192bit tested

SSL AES 256bit tested


<== FortiASIC Test - PASS

==> USB Test

There is no attached USB devices found.

<== USB Test - N/A

==> Boot Device Test

Testing write and read to hard disk(/dev/sda): Size 7640MB Timing buffered disk reads: read() hit EOF - device too small Timing buffered disk reads: hdtest.c(34): read() failed: Input/output error Timing buffered disk reads: hdtest.c(34): read() failed: Input/output error

HQIP login:


On a fresh firmware upload it also accuses problems on fgtag.c - 154: Disk Read Failed: Input/output error

Can i rely on this unit even with those Disk Errors?




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I would suggest checking on the support site for a newer HQIP image and try loading/running that.  If this was our own fgt I would reformat the bootdisk and load/install new firmware via tftp.

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