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Good afternoon!Recently started receiving an weird error while vpn diagnosing on a 60C ver 4.3.12: ike 0:HERVAL: link is idle 5> dpd=1 seqno=48c529 ike 0:HERVAL:22704: send IKEv1 DPD probe, seqno 4769065 ike 0:HERVAL:22704: ...
Hello!After upgrading from 5.0.14 to 5.2.13 on a 60C the following route is showing as default. And it hasn't been manually added.Static wan2 There is also the default gateway acquired with DHCP on the wan2 interface:Static
Hello!I have a question about policies and policy orders. We have CFTV in all of our stores. What i have configured is a policy accepting access during work time but with traffic shape and another policy to accepting access any time and without restr...
Hello!Having problems to clear a specific IP from the DHCP pool, the command 'execute dhcp lease-clear ip' gives me parse error before the ip with return code -61. I don't want to remove every single lease, just the one. Fortigate is a 310B V4 MR2.FI...
Hello!I'm having difficulties configuring HA on a FGT 40C on 4.0 MR3 firmware, every time a select Active-passive it reverts back to standalone. Even on CLI "set mode" does not exist. Anyone knows why? How can i configure HA if i can't change the mod...
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