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Have Sidecar working with Forticlient VPN on Mac?



I have version 6.4 of FortiClient VPN on Mac OS X 10.15.2. Anytime I connect to the VPN, I loose my Sidecar session to my iPad (acting as a second terminal with sidecar). I do not have this problem with another VPN I use with Wireguard. So I guess the issue is related to FortiClient VPN.


Is there anything I can do? Very handy to have a second monitor while working from home.



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I will second this. Since working from home it's been a hassle not to be able to use the iPad as a second monitor.

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Hi, I also want to push this as its something other VPNs manage to make work. I understand that the audience for sidecar-users might not seem big enough to make the effort, but I personally know quite a few people who work that way  and who would just go for the VPN client that supports this. So please look into this, maybe it's not so hard to implement?

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