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Ha forti FGT60e and FWF60 (7.2.3)

We have 2 forti 60E devices, one is FGT and one is FWF (fortiwifi), we built an active passive cluster with these devices, and we know that everything works (we did a failover test and all the traffic went to the other device and continued to work)


we still have 2 problems that we are trying to solve

- the cluster never shows us synchronized on both devices,

- we have several interfaces that are connected to the master but not connected to the slave (because they are not relevant to the fall and we have no way to connect them) so we need to bypass their synchronization

Any ideas are welcome



I am surprised that you were even able to create cluster. If you cluster 2 devices together that are different platforms - FGT and FWF, they will not synchronize. Just because FWF has some config parts that FGT is not able to use.