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Fotigate 60D license

Dears ,

I have an old fortigate 60D in i need to renew the license and some one told me that this Device had end of support and I wouldn't able to get the new license rather than the support for that device . 

any help please .


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You have to differ between EOL and Support/Maitenance contract. This means Forti provides a EOL document which you can see the different statges. This document is availabl on following site within the support portal:


Within the EOL Policy is each device described with following stages:



End of Order Date (EOO): [size="1"]The end of order date is the last date on which a hardware or software [/size]

product may be ordered, after this date the product is no longer available for sale. Fortinet will provide a minimum of ninety days advance notice of the affected product’s EOO date by publishing an EOL notification.


Last Service Extension Date (LSED):

[size="1"]The last date at which an order will be accepted, for a product that is no longer available for purchase, for an extension of an existing contract for support or security subscription services. No service contracts may be extended past the EOS date. The last service extension date is 12 months before the EOS date for the relevant product. [/size]


Final Firmware Release (FFR):

[size="1"]The last release of firmware operationally supported on a specific [/size]

hardware product. FFR firmware is in a must-fix support phase until the EOS date of the applicable

hardware product.


End of Support Date (EOS):

[size="1"]The final milestone in the product lifecycle is the End of Support date. After this date which Fortinet, will not sell, manufacture or improve the product and is under no obligation to provide support services. In general the EOS for hardware takes place 60 months after the End of Order Date. [/size]


[size="1"]A 60D is not yet EOL but expect to go to the list by end of Q1/2017 (it is my opinion). This means not that you should not by anymore any contracts and it does not mean as soon as the 60D is EOL that you do not receive anymore support etc. It does also not mean that you can not buy anymore UTM Bundle contract etc. (See above LSED). From this point of view it is absolutely legitime to buy or extend such devices. [/size]


[size="1"]What you also can do in such a situation is go for a Trade-UP which means upgrade from 60D to 60E with or without contract this means: you receive for the 60E 47% Discount with or without contract. This means also: If the step is listed within the Trade-Up document you can transfer the contract from old device to new device but you can within the Trade-Up not buy addional month or contract. This means also: If you device has only approx 2 month still contract on the device you go better within a Trade-Up for a new contract because in this way you profit by the 47 % discount. [/size]


[size="1"]I think you got it :) By the way within a Trade-Up you have to register the new device within the support portal you registered the old device. In this reg step you have to device the replacement device (old device). As soon as this is done the old device like 60D will be completly de-registered and can not be used anymore as has actually to be returned or destroyed. [/size]


[size="1"]For such a Trade-Up contact you Fortinet representative or if partner the distributor.[/size]


[size="1"]If you are satisfied with performance etc. there is no need to upgrade or to not buy a contact because 60D goes EOL etc. If you look to above info within the EOL Policy/Document you will regognize that a device after going EOL will be with contracts etc. still supported by approx. 5 years. [/size]


[size="1"]Hope this helps[/size]


[size="1"]have fun[/size]



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Here's a blog of mine that explains the differences


I do recall the standard FGT60D or FWF60D on any listing . IIRC they had some off-60D models that might be on EoL/EoS






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The FG-60D is not end of sales yet and definitely it's not end of support. It's expected to be end of sales soon, however it's support will continue for some years. You can renew the subscriptions for sure and you can have support for this appliance as well. But if you plan to buy a new appliance, don't buy a 60D.


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