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Fortitoken 4.2.0076 doesn't work

Mobile fortitoken app stopped working after yesterdays upgrade . It upgraded to version 4.2.0076.

It shows me desktop mobile picture instead of running fortitoken app.

Before it works normal, no complains.

My system characteristics:

Redmi 4

Android version: 6.0.1

MIUI version:


Also I've tried to reinstall it:

1. Remove app

2. Install app

3. Open fortitoke  => works fine

4. Give permission to use camera .

5. Make Scan code

6. Close App

7. Open App


Result: It shows me desktop mobile.


Can you please suggest how to fix it.




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Hi YurJr,


I have exactly the same problem since this morning!!

I also did the same steps as you and still have the problem.

Looks like it is a problem with this version so we need to wait until they update again and hopefully fix it.



Sandra K.

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Same here, Google Play store is starting to blow up with negative reviews, tried to report via the Live Chat but they won't allow you to use it without a product serial number.

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same issue here - does anybody know a workaround for this?

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I had several users with Samsung A5, and fortitoken app hanging. Disabled camera permissions, and app started normally.


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Same here for our Android users. iOS no issues. Since the last update the app is crashing and people cannot login.

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