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Fortiswitch standalone ESX vlan issues.

Anyone have any experience when setting up standard vswitch from ESX to FortiSwitches standalone? FSW2 - FSW3 are setup with mclag-icl ESX host have a connection to each on same port number, with trunk mclag enabled. trunk set to static as instructed by vmware documentation when using nic teaming and standard vswitch. FGT vlan 101 Srv 1 vlan 102

Srv 2 vlan 104 FMG vlan 104 FAZ vlan 104


Srv 1 can ping FAZ, but not FMG Srv 2 can ping both FAZ and FMG, because it's in the same vlan FGT can ping FMG, but not FAZ Anyone seen fortiswitches act like this before. When I disable the ports to the ESX servers on FSW3 everything can suddenly communicate with each other. Leave it for a day and it's back to only some servers can communicate with each other again.

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Just a update on this.

Appears that routing is not supported on MCLAG. Looks like all routing (static and dynamic). After changing the routing to point to a FGT and making sure the static routes are on there, everything started working.


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