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Fortinet VPN SSL IPV6/IPV4



WE are currently have a working vpnssl setup, using forticlient 6.4.3 and fortios 6.2.7 with IPV4.

We want to deploy IPV6 for our vpn ssl user, because French ISP deployed IPV6 for customers. In some cases sharing 4G connection prevent user to connect to VPN SSL, in this case they need to disable IPV6.


Our ISP provided an IPV6 block. I configured the WAN interface and connectivity is OK.

FYI internal network is IPV4 only network.


I wanted to provide users a native IPV6 connection to vpn ssl, but keeping IPV4 in the tunnel. Our tests show that is not possible, when an IPV6 user connect, they get an IPV6 in the tunnel instead of IPV4.


If this setup is not supported, how can I deploy vpn ssl with ipv6 and make users able to reach IPV4 internal network ?


Thank you !



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i have almost the same issue... Fortinet Support told me i should setup but this is 7.0.0 and my fortigate 50E are stuck on 6.2.x



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Yeah you need to enable that dual stack mode. This was a NFR that has been put in many many years ago and it seems like FTNT finally got around with doing it ;)



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