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Fortinet SMS service...

Why when I deal with Fortinet does it always feel like they have absolutely no clue about their own product?


We have a customer that uses Fortitokens. To authorize those tokens or to change them they want to use SMS.. By default each device seems to have 10 free SMS activations. After this I was directed to purchase a 'pack' of SMS.. Mfr. Part # SMS-LIC-100 However nobody even knows if this pack is available or where to activate it. I've opened 3 tickets and keep getting referred to an archived KB that tells me nothing. Customer service is useless and doesn't even know their own product.


Does anyone have any ideas on this? All the customer needs to do is periodically change phone numbers on tokens and re-authorize with SMS through Fortinet SMS....

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Have you tried just using manual SMS server settings? the help for it can be found at

surprisingly (or not) the instructions there are labeled as for 5.4 but are actually the 5.2 instructions. It's easier to do it through CLI since sometimes the GUI doesn't show the options until the config contains references to it.

In general, you input the carrier's sms gateway into the config and then when choosing a user for 2-factor, you specify their phone number and carrier. The gateway must be able to accept messages as [phone#]@[gateway]- almost all carriers' gateways support this. The fortigate sends an email to the address and the carrier transmits it to a phone as an SMS.



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Once you've purchased the SMS service from Fortinet you will receive an activation code. Use the following command to input this into the FortiGate:


execute fortiguard-message add <activation code>




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