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Hi all,I formatted a fortigate with 6.4.6 and air-gapped it for testing. I'm trying to update the onboard AV/IPS signatures. I've done this before on previous versions with no problem. I double-checked the directions at
I have multiple dial in VPN tunnels for remote users. They were set up with independent IP pools that don't overlap for users to get a local ip when connected. It's approximately some /26 ranges inside some unused /24s. I'm wondering if we've made th...
In EMS 6.2 it looks like a feature was introduced to synchronize web filter profiles from a fortigate to help reduce the double work. It looks like that function only synchronizes the web filter profiles. Is there an easy way to also synchronize the ...
We've been using SD-WAN to load balance across 4 internet connections on version 6.0.x no problem for a long time. We recently updated to 6.2.x and have seen nothing but problems that seem to be related to sessions hopping from one ISP to another too...
So I've got a silly question. In short- what is the most efficient way to bridge multiple FGT interfaces. Hypothetically, you have a large handful of EOL FGT60Cs, and someone suggests using them as "dumb" switches/hubs temporarily instead of buying a...
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