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Fortinet 60D's in HA Active/Active Port Channel Problem

I just recently installed two Fortinet 60D's firewalls in HA mode and set to active/active.    On both firewalls ports 6 & 7 are connected to each other for heart beat connection.    On port 5 of both firewalls they are wired into a single Cisco 2960s switch.   On the Fortinet I set port 5 as 802.3 aggerate and on the cisco side I did a port-channel for ports 47 & 48. 


What I am noticing is port 47 on cisco is showing up/up and on port 48 its showing suspended.    I have tried a couple of different configurations on the cisco side and I can not get both ports up.   


Below is my configuration from Cisco and Fortigate:



    Interface Gi 1/0/47 & 48

     Switchport mode trunk

     channel-protocol lacp

     channel-group 1 mode active


    Interface Port Channel 1

    switchport mode trunk


Cisco Switch is a WS-C2960S-48FPS-L running ver 15.2(2)E9   



config system interface edit "Port Channel" set vdom "root" set allowaccess ping https ssh http set type aggregate set member "internal5" set lldp-transmission enable set role lan set snmp-index 13 next end


Firmware:  v6.4.7 build1911 (GA)


I am open to suggestions:




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Check LACP PDU frame interval. FG tends to send them every 1s(fast mode) and Cisco's default is usually 30s(slow mode)

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That's not how FGTs in HA work (they don't act like a switch stack but more like routers using a redundancy protocol).  You need two different port channels on the Cisco side.  1 for the primary FGT and 1 for the secondary. 


At that point there's not really any point in using aggregation in the first place, but if you wanted to add a second interface to each box afterwards you could.


May need to be deployed like this:

Fortinet 60D Master  BOND1 Port6&Port7 <====> Cisco 2960s Port Channel 1 Gi 1/0/47 & 48 trunk

Fortinet 60D Backup BOND1 Port6&Port7 <====> Cisco 2960s Port Channel 2 Gi 1/0/45 & 46 trunk




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