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Fortimanager exe central-mgmt register-device

Dear People,


I have some trobule with FabricConnectors FortiManager over CLI


I set up the


config system central-management

set type fortimanager

set fmg ""



exe central-mgmt register-device *serialnumber* *fmg-register-password*


Then I can see the FG to Authorization in Fortimanager

So I start the  authorization with error:

"Cannot communicate with remote device (tunnel is down)"

There is a solution to set the EMC to low (set enc-algorithm high), but this depends all VPN Tunnels.

*fmg-register-password* I use here the login password for Fortimanager. Is that correct or must I create a register password? If yes, how does I create it?

New Contributor II

Dear Kaplan,

we are phasing the same problem, how did you solve it.

How did you solve it.