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Dear People, in some situations you need one or two policies to block or steer something. I learned in NSE, that you can use Header and Footer Policys. In our FortimanagerCloud, I could not find the posibilty to create Header or Footer Policys to ins...
Dear People, i have a problem, that I can decrypt the pcap file in Headquarter Fortigate but in Branch only on ISP Router and not behind of ISP Router on Fortigate Packet Capture. FGHQ-->ISP-Router ----------------ISP-Router<--Fortigate Branch Did so...
Dear People, I have a Router with a mobile card and I get only a IPv6 Address from ISP.But this address is not a fixed IP. I get every 24hours an other IPv6 Address.Is there a way with Forti Dyndns to make a IPSec Connection to other Foritgate with I...
Dear People,i will generate a policy to Deny with CLI but on TOP of all Policy and assign to all Firewalls.Is that possible over Fortimanager.For Exampleconfig firewall policyedit 1001set name "Deny_Phishing_Link"set srcintf "any"set dstintf "any"set...
Dear People, I have a Branch with only 4G (LTE) mobile Connection with Longer Ping Response over 100 ms. Is there any tuning for VPN Settings to do? Kind Regards?
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