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Fortimanager Firewall Policy - Interface selection not loading

Hi Everyone,


for a few days now i am not able to select incoming or outgoing Interfaces, within policies (firewall, multicast traffic shaping) on our FortiManager. On Saturday it worked without any problems. Since monday the interface selection is stuck in loadingscreen.


It doesn't matter if i try to create a new policy or try to edit an existing one.

Whenever the selection window opens it's just loading forever.


If i create a new policy package, the interface selection works again, but i really don't want to setup a new one...


We are running FortiManager 7.2.

i tried 

- different browsers

- different computers

- different FortiManager admins

- restarting FortiManager


Does anyone have an idea, how i can fix the problem in my current policy package?


thanks in advance :)


Hi @SD1,

just curious, how many policies is inside that package ?
Asking as you might hit some limit.

What has changed between Saturday and Monday ?
As issue might be related to some config change. Maybe some broken reference between package and objects inside, not sure.

Do you have a backups to compare?
Just trying to narrow down what possible cause might be.

Alt. option is to open technical ticket via , provide backup to my colleagues and let them have a look inside.


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no limit for sure, it's only about 50 firewall policies and <10 multicast policies.

Between Saturday and Monday there shouldn't be any changes. We don't work on sundays :)


Sadly i have no backups. I was using FortiManager only in backup mode until saturday. i created the policy package on saturday and pushed it to a few of our Fortigates. Everything was working fine.


Yeah, the plan was to open a ticket, if nobody has a solution in here.


thanks for your answer :)



Do you have normalized interfaces in Fortimanager for the physical interfaces of the Fortigate?


The policy package deals with Normalized Interfaces.

Normalized interfaces | FortiManager 7.2.2 | Fortinet Document Library


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