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Fortimanager 6?

Has anyone tried FortiManager 6 yet?

I recently bought a Fortimanager and loaded 5.6.3. Is it the same rule of thumb for manager firmware as fortigate- wait for a few patch releases? I was reading the release notes for 6 and it seems that it still supports the 5.4.x 5.6.x fortigates no problem and apparently one of the bugs fixed is one i'm experiencing.




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I've been burned by too many early releases of FMG that I won't be upgrading until at least 6.0.3. Too many firewalls, and too many operators that it's not worth the risk for us. Although I am excited about it.


5.4 wasn't stable for us until 5.4.4.

5.6 is looking pretty good at 5.6.3 so hopefully that is indicative of a trend.


We have been using it 3 min after i received the RSS feed notification.


5.6.3 has soooo many bugs we were unable to use it. We have only found 1x in V6, but they have fixed all my past issues.


Its still a mole of a thing to try and use, but its much better than V5.

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