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Fortigate conserve Mode

We have with our Fortigate 200E Firewall again and again the problem with the Conserved Mode.
Today at 03.00 in the morning and just a few minutes ago the memory usage of the 200E increased to 85% and 90% where all SSL VPN connections and DNS queries to the internet stopped working.
Today we have killed 2x the different "WAD" processes in the Forti task manager.

After that it ran for about 6h and jumped again. What can we do? Is there a memory upgrade for the 200E? If I read correctly it has 4GB RAM.



Hi Huva,


I understand that you restarted wad process, did you confirm wad was causing high memory usage? If it was confirmed, then we can configure a script to restart the wad process every few hours. If the process was not confirmed we need to check which process is causing the high memory usage . User "diag sy top" and press shift+M to sort by memory usage.


Do you see any details on crashlog - "diag debug crashlog read"



Can you also confirm the OS version.



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This is always been the fix for me as well. It’s very sporadic and I haven’t noticed anything that triggers the issue but it usually only happens once in a few months for me on a pair of 100F.

Hi @AUT_Maverick HVA


Please help to share the feedback by following these commands, too. Knowing detailed information in your device is a big help for us. Thanks


fnsysctl date

get system status

get hardware status

diagnose autoupdate versions

get sys perf status

diag sys session stat

get sys perf firewall statistics

diag hardware sysinfo memory

diag hardware sysinfo slab

diagnose hardware sysinfo shm

diag sys vd list | grep fib

diagnose sys mpstat 1 5

diag sys top-all 2 50

diag sys top-mem 20

diagnose sys top-fd 20

diag snmp ip frags

diagnose ips session status

diagnose ips packet status

diagnose test application ipsmonitor 24

diagnose ips memory status

diagnose ips raw status

diagnose ips session performance

diagnose ips session list by-mem

fnsysctl df -k

fnsysctl ls -l /tmp

fnsysctl du -i /tmp

fnsysctl du -a /tmp

fnsysctl du -a / -d 1

fnsysctl ls -l /dev/shm

fnsysctl du -i /dev/shm

fnsysctl du -a /dev/shm

fnsysctl ls -l /node-scripts

fnsysctl du -i /node-scripts

fnsysctl du -a /node-scripts

Also collect debugs requested by Suraj and HBAC. thanks


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