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Fortigate and FortiAP Upgrade Recommendation

Hello, everyone!

The current version of our Fortigate is "FortiOS v6.4.6 build6131 (GA)" when the latest version available on Fortigate website is above 7.4.
The current version of our FortiAPs is 7.0 while the latest version available is 7.4.2.


We have recently faced a few problems here and there, especially with the access points. In some random cases, a FortiAp 231F shows as OFFLINE on Fortigate. In some cases, more than one has that same problem. After rebooting Fortigate or even the FortiAP, this is not fixed. After some time, the APs start functioning normally.

After doing some research, I found out that the firmware version could be a cause for the problems we faced.


  • Would you recommend upgrading the firewall and the access points generally in such cases or for security reasons?
  • Does having 6.4.6 version on Fortigate cause security or other problems?
  • Do the firewall and APs that we have have a compatible version?


Thank you in advance!
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Sagvan Saleem
Sagvan Saleem

Hi @sagvan ,


Version 6.4.6 is quite old, please bear in mind that 6.4.x will be EOS later this year. I would recommend you to upgrade at least to the latest 6.4.15 release, then also evaluating to move to 7.0.x or 7.2.x.
Please read the release notes and follow the upgrade path suggested on the support website.

Please also find below the recommended versions for FOS:

Please also check the PSIRT advisories for the latest vulnerabilities:

In the release notes you can also find product compatibility with other Fortinet products:

Best regards,

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