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Fortigate & Fortilogger Config and Hotspot Config



I just bought a logger app called Fortilogger. it is working on a virtual machine and logs are seems fine. i can also check logs realtime. this fortilogger app is provides hotspot also. i've setup all configs and yet my wifi still doesn't have internet connection. i'll try to explain my setup:

Fortigate80E- wan2 port is my main internet.

lan1 port goes to my switch.

lan3 port is for hotspot network and it goes to sw


all my access points are on LAN, and we don't have a VLAN config.


fortilogger runs on IP  VM

i've created new interface as hotspot network (DHCP is enabled)

i've created new address as fortilogger ip 192.168.25/

i've created new address as hotspot subnet

i've created Policy Routes : incoming interface hotspot network - / outgoing interface lan -


as firewall policy: lan3 source hotspot subnet to fortilogger

hotspot to internet : lan3 source hotspot subnet to WAN2


with all this configuration my phone get ip but i can not connect to internet. 

already configured authentication portal as external. with external portal ip all seems working just fine. 


do you know what is the problem here?



Actually Fortilogger does not offer hotspot, but only authentication part of hotspot (captive portals, 2FA etc). Hotspot on the other hand, is handled by FortiGate in connection with FortiAPs.

Please check this document where all steps are explained:

FortiLogger - Log Management, Reporting and Hotspot Authentication for FortiGate


FortiGate will handle traffic after user authentication, so you have to check all policies in place.

Please follow this link and do some debug flow to see where traffic is blocked.

Using the debug flow tool | FortiGate / FortiOS 7.4.1 | Fortinet Document Library

If you have found this as a solution, please like and accept it to make it easily accessible for others.



hi @xshkurti 


Already checked and applied all steps in that document. It didn't help :)


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