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Fortigate acting as NTP Server

is it possible to configure a fortigate firewall to act as a ntp server for Routers, Switches, PC' s or laptops ? NTP Server config below diag sys ntp status server( ) -- Clock is synchronized server-version=4, stratum=2 reference time is d5f7c4d0.1cf47dff -- UTC Thu Oct 3 10:26:24 2013 clock offset is -0.000950 sec, root delay is 43 msec root dispersion is 444 msec, peer dispersion is 30 msec

Yes, there is a NTP server mode but if I recall correctly from 5.02 and above config system ntp set server-mode enable set interface xxxx end Regards, Antonio

Fortigate can be configured as NTP server. This is applicable with FortiOS 5.0 and 5.2 as well.



CLI configuration syntax-

config system ntp

set ntpsyn enable

set server-mode enable

set interface <interface_list>





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In case you'd like to do this from the GUI:

Go to System > Dashboard > Status and in the System Information Widget click the [Change] next to the System Time

Check the Enable NTP Server box and add the interfaces you'd like to serve as NTP Server