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Fortigate Port group.

Hi Folks,


New to Fortigate so please excuse stupid questions. We have recently had installed a new firewall HA pair. Using a single interface for our primary link and a single interface for our backup link. However the backup link isnt coming up when patched in etc.


I have noticed that the primary link and secondary link are in a port group, primary is port 25, backup is port 26. 


I think both being members of one port group is causing the backup to go down as its not the same speed as the primary. Am I correct ?

Also how can i remove ports from this group, can see nothing when editing the individaul interfaces through the GUI.



Many thanks for any advice.



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To create an aggregate interface - GUI: · Go to Network > Interfaces and select Create New, then Interface. · Enter the Name  192.168.l00.1    as Aggregate For the Type, select 802.3ad Aggregate. In the physical Interface Members, click to add interfaces and select ports 4, 5, and 6. For Addressing mode, select Manual. For the IP address for the port, enter 10.1.

sophia Abigail
sophia Abigail

Thanks for replying. 


However there is no aggregate interface configured.

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