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HI Folks.Help... I am creating a new DMZ using a loopback address on fortigate 6.14.3I have created a couple of VMs that use the IP range of the new DMZ. From the firewall I can ping the VMs no problem, However from the VMs I cannot ping the loopback...
HI all, Sorry new to Fortigate and trying to work out a problem. I have a situation, two extenal WANs, both different IP scopes. I have a requirement that if our primay link drops can the public IPs of the primary WAN still be accessible via WAN2 and...
Hi Folks, New to Fortigate so please excuse stupid questions. We have recently had installed a new firewall HA pair. Using a single interface for our primary link and a single interface for our backup link. However the backup link isnt coming up when...
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