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Fortigate + Fortiswitch + FortiAP IP setup advice

Hi all,


I'm replacing a switch connected to an existing Fortigate 80F with a Fortiswitch 448 and FortiAP.


The internal firewall network is and firewall is 254.


I've connected the fortiswitch to fortigate Fortilink port. The setup suggests an APIPA addressing: to 254.

The switch is correctly connected and managed.


First question: the IP we're talking about are management IPs? I.e. on the switch port if I have devices configured with static IP of the network, say will they work, i.e. access to internet?


Second, I've connected FortiAP to port 1 of the switch. It's correctly powered.

In Fortiswitch ports of the firewall I see that a MAC address is present on port 1.

In Managed FortiAPs I don't see the AP, neither unconfigured, nor configured.

What am I missing?


Third and last: how have I to set IP addressing so FortiAP users will connect and use internet?


Thanks a log


Hi JakeBlues,

  The Fortilink IP address is only used for management between the Fortigate and the Fortiswtich.  The actual ports on the fortiswitch will be configured for different vlans than the Fortilink.  These vlans, however, will need to be different subnets than any ports or hardware/software switches you already have on your fortigate. 


For the FortiAPs, create a new vlan on the Fortiswitch for AP management.  This will just be a regular vlan with "Security Fabric Connection" enabled.  Once the APs are setup you can create a tunnel SSID (you will define the user subnet there) or a bridge SSID that will use vlans configured on the Fortiswitch already.


This video shows the Fortiswtich setup:

The FortiAP Cookbook should answer your questions on the FortiAP:



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