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Fortigate 90G and 7.4.1

I've just bought a one of Fortigate's latest devices (90G) for the advanced IoT capability to find out that they don't support any of the newest firmware on there latest devices - mad........

So I've been basically ripped off - as they can't even tell me if and when 7.4 will be available on this device - The data sheet says that you need 7.4.1 but omits to tell you that they don't actually have 7.4.1


Absolutely apauling and support have just been as bad - just saying we can't help - we don't offer latest firmware on new devices.


So I have a nice ornament as box is useless to me without the capability - Really really poor Fortinet!




7.2 should be merged first and it is likely to be merged in 7.2.9. 7.4 will come after. I can't tell exact ETA as it is most likely to be delayed/changed. 



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I find it unbelievable, I pay for licenses including software and then there is no main brand software available for the model.

7.4.x is beta, so it's still ok, but 7.2.x is mature.


New firewall with old firmware although you pay for software with a license.


The Time for all services for new firewalls should run from the time there is main brand firmware for them!

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I really agree with this its July now and still not 7.2 released.

Think 7.4 will be released in 2025.


We pay for the license and we cannot use the new features

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Elon Musk said it'll be "two weeks".

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Another sad 90G owner here who just discovered his shiny new 90G doesn't support 7.4 firmware. Like the OP I also needed the features in the 7.4 firmware. It would be nice if Fortinet could speed up the process. It's Q2 '24 now and I'm still stuck on 7.0.15... 


No, but according to previous posts in Q2 OS 7.2.x and then in Q3 7.4.x

Yes, really annoying, especially if you come from an FGT70F and know all the features of 7.4.
If you use IPv6 and policies that contain both IP versions, not so great. Internet services are also very limited in 7.0


Agreed i was expecting it released allot sooner like end of february (7.2)

But what i'm curious about is 7.6 already available for the SP5 socket models?

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When will 7.6 be released?


Hey PC0212,

7.6.0 has no fixed release date as yet, but from what I can see internally it should be released sometime this summer (end of June to middle of July would be my educated guess, but I have been incorrect on guesses before!)

@Marvhi, 7.6 is not available at all yet, to my understanding.



+++ Divide by Cucumber Error. Please Reinstall Universe and Reboot +++
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Hey guys. I am an FGT90G owner.
Do you have any problems with Traffic Shaper?
I have installed different firmware 7.0.12, 7.0.13, 7.0.14, 7.0.15.
On all firmware there is a problem with Traffic Shaper.
I have configured a few rules in Traffic Shaping Policies. The network works fine, but after a few hours, all traffic that matches these rules stops working. After that, I disable the rules in Traffic Shaping Policies and my network works again.
If I re-enable the rule in Traffic Shaping Policies, the network does not work.

In the logs I see errors - Session time out.
The problem is solved only after rebooting the FortiGate.

There is a second problem.
It is only present in versions 7.0.13, 7.0.14, 70.15.
I have 29 pieces of Zyxel usg-20-vpn connected to FGT90G as Dial-Up IpSEC.
After rebooting the FGT90G or Zyxel, no access to the internal network of some Zyxel.
After entering the command "get router info routing-table all ", I see:
S [15/0] via Vpn-Ike2-Tun_KT tunnel, [1/0]
[15/0] via Vpn-Ike2-Tun_NL tunnel
But PING to doesn't work.
I enter the command: diagnose vpn tunnel flush
After that I can see the network
After entering the command "get router info routing-table all ", I see:
S [15/0] via Vpn-Ike2-Tun_KT tunnel, [1/0]
This problem is not present on firmware 7.0.12.
Do you have this problem?



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