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Fortigate 80F / 6.4.10 / Policy Mode can't ping from LAN host

I'm setting up the subject system (in policy mode for the first time).


I can ping from the FG CLI just fine.

So, presumably, the FG policies are OK - but are they?


I can't ping from a host on the LAN (where I have a static route pointing to with the FG as the gateway in the route).

I can ping the FG LAN from the host on the LAN.

But, a tracert from the host on the LAN to doesn't produce any hops at all.

I figure that this must be something simple.  I've done the same in Profile mode with no trouble.

How to diagnose?

How to fix?

Fred Marshall
Fred Marshall

Hi Fred339,

"So, presumably, the FG policies are OK - but are they?"


Well, quite the opposite most probably.
Firewall policies are for the pass-through traffic.

You pinging from FGT CLI .. that's locally originated traffic for the firewall and regular firewall policies has no effect on it.


If you are new to that firewall admin role, then I'd suggest to have a look into Admin guide.
Part about policies is on following link, but there is much more in documentation.


Alternative approach would be use of "?" link to online documentation which is placed in top-right corner and should refer to the part of documentation describing the GUI part from where you used that "?" link.






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