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Fortigate 60F - single radio?

Apparently you have to choose either 2.4G or 5G as it has a single radio. I didn't realise this before purchasing and starting to configure. Using for SOHO set up. Have POE cams which are fine but also a Ring system of wifi devices which will only use 2.4G frequencies. Currently set up on my old router as a VLAN for security. So I won't have any of this flexibility? If I choose 5G my Ring devices won't connect. If I choose 2.4G in a high density housing situation I lose the ability to connect my 5G capable devices to the faster channel and have more interference with my neighbors? Is it possible to run my old router behind the Fortigate to provide the 5G band or do I need to add a Fortigate AP? vshare
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First, it's not Fortigate 60F but FortiWiFi 60F. And most of FortiWiFi xxx have just one RADIO from the inception of build-in WiFi models probably more than 10 years ago. Looks like currently only FWF-80F-2R has 2 RADIOs. You picked a wrong one.


I would do what you're thinking at this moment, putting your old router behind it as an wifi AP. I would guess you just need to change default GW or let it pull from DHCP on the FGT LAN side.



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