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Fortigate 201F : set up 2 port-channel (etherchannel level 2) on same Vlan

Dear all,

i have a fortigate 201F version 7  on NAT mode. Fortigate is between core switches and top of rack switchs. I want to use 2 LACP links to interconnect Fortigate with core (uplink LACP) and  Tor switchs (downlink LACP). 2 Lacp must be trunked in order to carry many and same VLANS. 2 LACPs must be able to carry packets and communicate (switching L2  each other).

I try to set up this configuration but i meet some difficulties.

I create 2 aggregates interfaces. When i create Vlan (expect Level 2), i can't add these 2 aggregate interfaces. It just accepts one.

I try with Vlan Switch. With this type, you can't add aggregate interfaces, just physical interfaces.

So, do you know how i can achieve my network topolgy.

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My difficulty was to set up LACP ports carrying same and multiple vlans (trunking)  and switching Level 2 between them.

I succeed setting up aggregate interfaces.

I contact support who answers me it's not supported to add aggregate interfaces members on Vlan switch interface.

If i set multiple links on same switchs, it can bring some loops.

I don't know if there is a way to achieve my topology.


Best regards.