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Fortigate 200F suck at ram activation

Hello, I have two fortigate 200f computers configured in HA active-active, a few days ago the master entered an error, when trying to start again it got stuck in activating the ram, the case was escalated with fortinet and RMA was made, however , this continued to happen, to this day the devices have been changed twice by RMA and it continues to happen, the firmware is at version 7.2.3.


Does this happen to anyone else? Do you know how it can be solved?



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I have found the same discussion in another post:


It is apparently a hardware issue and you should contact RMA support, thing that you did.

I will leave this discussion open and we will see if some other users will share their issues too.


Anthony-Fortinet Community Team.

Can you make sure your power supply is fine and its not fluctuating?  Also, you mentioned "few days ago the master entered an error", can you share the details on this? Was this any kernel core or something?



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Currently there is already a case with the Fortinet TAC and it does not find Kernel errors and the HQIP tests do not show equipment failures, they are escalating it to engineering and development for review.


The power supplies have also been changed and however the error persists, the only way for the equipment to continue booting is by disconnecting it.



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Recently one of our 1500Ds encountered the same issue, got stuck after RAM activation and never started CPU initialization. A strange thing is it comes up normally when we power-cycle it. Then again it gets stuck when we reboot it by a command.

Since 1500Ds support "exe sensor [list | detail]" command, we checked the power supplies and power input were fine.  


The first RMA replacement was defective and even didn't boot up at all when we turned on the power. So we had to go through RMA of RMAed device. We're currently running with the 2nd RMA replacement.

Those RMA replacement device stock is mostly refurbished ones after somebody else RMAed it. Like many others, FTNT's quality control for refurbished devices might not be perfect and this situation seems to happen time to time with RMA replacements.




Hi, did you manage to find a solution for this? I still have the problem and from the TAC they only send diagnostic commands without further solutions. This really affects the operation.

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