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Fortigate 100D Best & Latest stable firmware

Hi Geeks,

I need to upgrade my 100D, i currently have version 6.2.2 and i saw that the latest is 6.2.10.

I need some feedbacks from you guys, to confirm about the latest most stable version to go for.

Definitely i won't go for the latest, or atleast not until it stabilizes.

You comments and advices are most welcome.

Iven Conjamalay
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in general, patch updates within the same main line (in your case, v6.2) are recommended and seldomly dangerous. Changing into a different main line (v6.4 or v7.0) needs deeper inspection of "What's new" and Release Note documents, some research on the Forums etc.


Best practice says "do not jump onto the zero patch" or even patches 0-4. So, for v6.2 you can update to v6.2.10 without hesitation. If available, I would even try to upgrade to v6.4.8 which is stable, as this new main line offers a lot of improvements.


But, IMHO, putting v7.0 onto a production FGT is asking for trouble at the moment. It might work well, but chances for malfunctions are higher in v7 than in v6.2 or v6.4.


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Latest 6.2 is stable.