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Fortiextender Mode when connected to FGT

I have a new FGT60F with a FEX201F we need the cell to be a failover from our static IP'd fiber service, hopefully not often, but it has gone down already. I feel like I want the SDWan to just have the FEX as wan2, and let SD wan handle the failover, we have a few outside rules that need to come in on that static IP, I know the cellular will have a different IP, so we will need to update DNS if it's a long outage. We also have a vxlan connection to another building, that one I can't see as failing over automatically, I believe I will need to have a second vxlan ready to turned on when needed, is that correct?

The FEX appears to really want to handle both connections itself and give "service" to the device behind it, but in reality I just wanted a decent antenna for the cell service that could be managed from the FGT. Am I thinking about this right?



If my understanding is correct, you want to add FEX as a backup connection. In order to achieve that, you can either use SD-WAN or you can use link-monitor feature for failover.
1) if you decide to use SD-WAN, first you've to remove all references (policies, default route etc.) from your existing WAN interface and later you can add your WAN interface in SDWAN settings. After that you can use sdwan zone/interface in policies and default route.

2) if you decide to use link-monitor option, you've to create another default route with same AD and higher priority to make sure this route stays as a backup. and later you can refer following article to setup link-monitor.

for your VXLAN query, can you please provide more details, like topology and current setup.

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