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Forticlient setup

Couple of questions as i've never used fortigate before so just learning the ropes.


1) I'm setting up FortiClient on each PC (for VPN) and need to setup the FortiGate Telemetry - its asking for a Fortigate IP & Management IP (to connect to upstream) can this just be the Fortigate router IP like or not?


2) Also I'm not using the FortiClient for AV as our we tied into contract for a year with Eset so will continue with that for now but I'm wondering on the IPv4 policy I created will any of the AV options I select work like scanning emails or is this only if I have the AV working on forticlient? Im guessing not but just wondered if the AV on Fortigate router is  different to the one on Forticlient 



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Hi jasetcs,


First you need to know that if you want to manage / get telemetry for a number of clients, you need license on the fortigate. I think there are 10 "free" clients on the box, but you should check. More than 10 and you need a license.


1) Fortigate is the "telemetry and compliance" and management server is the EMS - you probably don't have that. You should be able to get telemetry without EMS.

2) Fortigate AV and Forticlient AV use same signatures from FOrtinet, but are different and you can enable one, other or both (or neither :D )


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