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Forticlient issues in this sub making me think twice

I am coming from mainly deploying Cisco and their AnyConnect client for vpn . I have no issues with the fortigates firewalls and feel comfortable that they they replace my deployments for clients , but seeing all these VPN issues relating to the Fortinet client here is making me think twice . Even on the Cisco sub you don’t see too many issues . This even the case with their newer FTDs . All that have or are still dealing with Cisco AnyConnect, how has your transition to Forticlient compare ? It seems like there issues with free or even the licensed one when you get the EMS server . Am I over thinking this ? I just don’t want to add something else to lose sleep over . Thank you in advance…
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Thank you for using the Community Forum. I will seek to get you an answer or help. We will reply to this thread with an update as soon as possible.


Anthony-Fortinet Community Team.

I am not doing Anyconnects nowadays, but work with Forticlients a lot and mostly the experience is good. They do have, as all vendors I guess, catch up to do with the newer operating systems/standards/OSes, but usually it happens with some delay. Like, Apple & macOS are being released obviously faster than Fortinet can QA FC on them. Browsers hardening their TLS settings also faster than FC does it, like limit on FGT SSL VPN protocols to TLS 1.3 only and FC will stop connecting on Windows 10, while Web Mode SSL VPN via browser on the same PC will work with TLS 1.3 only just fine. 


Regards to FC free VPN-only vs EMS full versions, I haven't noticed differences. My guess is that Fortinet use the same code base for VPN in both clients. 


My 2c.


Edit: Also take into account the Survivorship Bias - people who use FC and have no problems with it will not post here on forums or elsewhere, I am yet to see a post "HI, just came to post that my Fortigates and Forticlients work just fine and I am happy" :)

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