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Forticlient Win 10 App timeout

hi @ all,


i just registered here because of a small problem with the Forticlient App  for Windows which can be found in MS Store ( ). maybe i get some more information here.

So in my company (university) we have a Fortinet VPN, which i have to connect to access some internal resources.

In the past, i always used the Store App because it is much more lightweight than the Windows Client, which installs drivers, protocols and 2 or 3 more network adapters....

But for 3 weeks now i can’t connect anymore, it always takes a while where it says "checking login credentials" or so and after 20 seconds or so i get an error "This operation could not be completed, because it timed out.".... maybe the englisch messages are a bit different. I have only translated it from german.

You can see it on the screenshots too.


Normally i get a prompt to enter my credentials here. about 2 month ago they changed it to a 2 factor authentication, so i have to add an OTP key everytime. Was never a problem and worked.


So what could cause this error? Could it be that the admins set some security settings to a higher level so, that the simple app is not working anymore? Or could it be because of a setting on my PC?

i have tried to completely remove the app several times, removed all data etc. but nothing worked.

Maybe they have set a setting on the VPN-Server which permits the use of this app? is that possible?


...but the android app ( is working fine too, absolutely no problems.

What is working too is the native windows client....but as mentioned before i really dont want to use it.

Its completely overloaded and install much of unneeded things... come on i don’t want to have 10 additional network adapters only to connected to a simple ssl-vpn on windows ..what the .... but yes, maybe you could change it one day :)


So maybe someone had this problem too? What could cause it?

kind regards






Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello knopper,

Thank you for using the Community Forum. I will seek to get you an answer or help. We will reply to this thread with an update as soon as possible.


Anthony-Fortinet Community Team.
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Community Manager

Hello knopper,


We are still looking for someone to help you.

We will come back to you ASAP.


Anthony-Fortinet Community Team.
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Hey there,

I understand your frustration with the Forticlient App connectivity issue. It's possible that recent changes in security settings or updates could be causing the problem. However, it's unlikely that admins would intentionally block the Store App without notification.

You've already taken some good troubleshooting steps by removing and reinstalling the app. Since the Android app and native Windows client work fine, it seems like an issue specific to the Store App. Unfortunately, without more detailed information, it's hard to pinpoint the exact cause.

By the way I am also working on a university project and I have to remark that helps me a lot in making PowerPoint presentations.

If you're set on using the Store App, I'd recommend reaching out to Fortinet's support or checking their online forums for possible solutions. It might also be worthwhile to give the Windows Client another chance, as it could offer a stable connection, despite the extra network adapters.

Best of luck in resolving this issue!