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Forticlient VPN stuck at 98% WIN10

Dear all, on a Windows 10 machine Forticlient VPN sometimes works and sometimes get's stuck at 98%. The progress window stops at 98% and simply returns to the login screen. This is different from other posts. Since the Windows 10 machine is located at a remote spot, I cannot simply go there and try the not-always-working WAN port workarounds or reboot the machine. We always use the newest Forticlient installer. What to do? We run FortiOS 4.0.4 on a FG310B. Any help appriciated.
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I've had the same issues multiple of times. I've recently upgraded FortiClient to 5.4.2 and haven't had to reboot my PC since (been installed for about a week), fingers crossed it will be good from now on!

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No solution, but similar behavior, when I disconnect smart phone from USB port, FortiClient immediately disconnects, when trying to reconnect stops at 98% and returns to login screen. Continues to work only after reboot.

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Seems everyone is asleep here in this forum. Pity.


Try this, even if Windows 10 is not listed:

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It is a very known solution for 98%.

Hope it will help for OP.

But it does not help in case of smart phone disconnecting from USB (Samsung Galaxy).

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Yes, sorry, my mistake. The link is for WinIT3264's issue.


I know this document, this is no help. This is just guesswork. I also said that the computer is in a remote location where I need permanent access to. So disconnecting, rebooting and killing network ports is NOT an otpion and I refuse to believe that the problem is the device. In my opinion it's the sloppy programmed code of the Fortinet Client. Also, if this 98% phenomenon is soooooo popular, why is Fortninet not doing anything against it? Like a WORKING Windows 10 client update maybe? It looks like Fortinet simply doesn't care. I am NO fan of brainless workarounds that make me disconnect, reboot, remove and reinstall. This is the same shit you see on a stage in Vegas where a psychic does mind tricks on the audience, he will always find a few where it works by coincedence. Workarounds do exactly that, they rely on coincedence that this works with a handful of users.


Why doesn't Fortinet reply to threads? I am certainly not the only Win10 user who is having issues with Forticlient. I bet you if Forticlient VPN were to be an expensive software then the support employees would be all over us, trying to help us in any way they can. But hey, we are nothing but a minor nuisance to them.


Yes it's annoying. I had to reboot my notebook also multiple times a day.


But currently I'm using FortiClient on Windows 10.

This one seems to work quiet well, no reboot necessary yet.


Have you also considered using IPSEC Dialup instead of SSLVPN?


I would if I could but the device is located at a customer's site and customer doesn't want that. IT policy. Anyway, I will try to use the version and see how that works. Thanks.


I had exactly the same problem on a machine running Windows 10, and the solution that finally worked was uninstalling all WAN Miniports from Device Manager and then rebooting. Windows will reinstall all the necessary drivers on reboot, and like magic, FortiClient will be able to connect happily once again!


Hope that helps!