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Forticlient Takes Other Network Adapters Offline



I'm using FortiClient version (up to date as of April 2021)


I work from home and use Forticlient to access our internal database via http.


I also use a VOIP Client, 8x8 Work, which works fine over my connection, but over the VPN I experience call quality issues, dropouts, etc due to what appears to be intermittent bandwidth issues. 


My IT staff has failed to solve this ongoing problem due to lack of time or the know-how to create a split tunnel with Fortigate. I need to figure out a way to solve this on my end without their help- to force my VOIP app to use my high bandwidth home connection while the browser connects via VPN.


A VM is not an adequate solution here for various reasons, so I tried using ForceBindIP, but Forticlient seems to shut down all other network adapters when it is in use.


So basically I just need to find a way to stop Forticlient from shutting down the other connections, or perhaps there is another solution I haven't considered. 


Any suggestions?

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A router to run a linux distro and install forticlient on it. On linux you can modify the routing table to work as you want

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Thanks, but sticking with a Win10 solution would be more convenient here.


FortiClient does not shut down anything. It just modifies your routing table. 

If there is no split tunneling on that ipsec FortiClient will add or replace your default route causing all internet traffic to be routed through the ipsec.

Now you could delete the default routes and set a new one but then you will no longer be able to reach your company intenral services.

you could try to manually add a static route for the company subnet over the ipsec but I don't know the config on their FGT so cannot say if that will work.


The best way would indeed be to enable split tunneling. There should be some handy kb article on that available by Fortinet. 


"It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes." - Douglas Adams

-- "It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes." - Douglas Adams

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