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FortiAnalyzer IOC licensed, but Fortigate shows Compromised hosts requires a FortiAnalyze



we are using FortiAnalyzer-VM with IOC license and everything is working fine: In FortiAnalyzer compromised hosts are shown.

But when I'm trying to view compromised hosts in our Fortigate environment (Fortigate 600E cluster) I get an error message "Compromised hosts requires a FortiAnalyze".



Fortigate Security fabric is configured as root fabric. FortiAnalyzer logging & Fortigate REST API is enabled with FortiAnalyzer certificate authentification.

Firmware Version 6.2.7.



In Device Manager primary Fortigate was added with S/N, HA-Cluster checkbox enabled and second Fortigate 600E with S/N was added to cluster list. super-admin user "admin" & password were added, too.

Tried to use internal FortiAnalyzer-VM certificate & our public wildcard certificate. 

Firmware Version 6.4.3.


Does anyone know why communication not working?


Thanks a lot!

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Issue has been solved -> I've used FortiAnalyzer FQDN and changed to IP... It's a known issue in FortiOS release notes.  

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Can any one please update if IOC license available in trial / demo mode and if yes, what is the duration ? and will it be enabled with full functions ?