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Transfer the configuration from old Fortigate to the new one

Hi guys

I'm currently using 310B model and i has beed notified that this model will end of support by the end of this year. So i'm planing to buy a new model (same Fotigate) to repleace it. But i dont know how to import the old configuration file to the new one?

Can you guys give me some advice?

Thank you verry much

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if you replace it with the same model that's rather easy.


Take a backup of old AND new FGT. Replace the first 4 Lines beginnen with a "#" in the Backup of the old FGT with the corresponding first 4 lines from the backup of the new one.

Make sure both run the same FortiOS Version.

Restore the modified backup of the old FGT on the new one. Done.


If it is different models that might work if they have the same port layout and names (but still some comand might not be available). In any other cases you would have to modify the old config partwise and copy in on cli or as cli script in gui.


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As Fortigate 310B end of sale was in 2016, I doubt you are buying 310B nowadays. And any other model will require manual fixing configuration for interface names and accordingly all security rules, software/hardware switch names etc.. Also, if FGT 310B is running some very old firmware (the latest available for 310B version is 5.2.15)  some configuration commands changed as well. So, bottom line - 99% chance you will not be able to just export - import configuration without fixing/editing it.

What exactly you will need to fix depends on your specific configuration, but the general process - you export configuration from 310B as a text file (w/o encryption), edit in text editor what needs to be edited, then import the edited config to the new FGT.



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As long as the new FGT has the same port layout I'd thus give the backup a try.  Worked fine here e.g form a 100D to a 100E.

You cannot brick it with that. Worst case you exec a factory reset on the new one and start anew :)

Even if gui is not accessible you could still use an usb stick to have it load the factory config again.

The only important thing is indeed that both FGT must run the same FortiOS Version. Different FortiOSes will cause conflicts as commands no longer exist or were changed.


Additionally there is FortiConverter for this. However you need to license that and in the testing cases I used it in trial it didn't work too well.


"It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes." - Douglas Adams