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Forticlient Silent install and autogerister

Hello I have telemetry enabled for a firewall, manually install the forticlient and register it to the firewall adding the ip address of the fortigate, I observe it connected, I take out the backup of the forticlient. After that, with configuration tool, I take the backup and upload it, the installer is generated but when I try it, I do not see that the machine makes some self-registration. Validating the manual indicate fields to add to in the configuration tool to take the file in forticlient telemetry gateway ip list file is generated with the fields but when performing the installation again it is not observed that the forticlient makes some self-registration or tries to do it, additional if observed the backup of the forticlient is not observed ip information nor hostname nor serial of the fortigate to which it must be connected.


Edit a forticlient backup by entering the firewall data to which you must register but doing a restore registers fails. What could be failing? attached images




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