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Forticlient MacOS Catalina: Cannot access port 80 on the network

Hello all


Right off, let me say that I am an end-user not an administrator.


I use a MacBook with MacOS Catalina. With VMWare Fusion I run Windows 10.


When using Forticlient (V6.2.6.737) from MacOS I am unable to access port 80 on the network.

  • It's not a routing issue as I can ssh or VNC into the server but I am unable to access port 80 on the server.
  • It's not a browser issue as I am able to telnet to port 22 (as a test) but I am not able to telnet to port 80
  • If connect to the VPN from the Windows virtual machine; with the same username and password; I am able to access port 80
  • This applied to any server on the network[/ul]


    I've searched and searched but have run out of ideas?  Any one have any suggestions as to how I can figure out where my port 80 traffic is trying to go?


    Appreciate it. Thanks



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    I'm facing the same issue. Have you managed to find a solution?

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    HI All,

    I have fortigate which connected with 2 service provider (internet) with wan1 and wan2.

    Also client connect the cloud through site-to site vpn.I was trying to use one Lan port as local for internet. But I am not able to connect to internet through LAN port.But I am getting ip from DHCP.The nat policy already implemented in firewall.

    Can someone help me to resolve this issue please.








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