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Forticlient 6.4.1 VPN woes

So as I sit here my laptop will not connect to the SSL vpn, not for a technical reason.  Because the powers that be decided that the SSLVPN should be licensed if your using the full client, and it should only last a few weeks.  So, I have stop by the office and license this full client again... Whats the big deal you ask?  They offer the VPN client for free, but its not compatible with the full version of Forticlient, so you can only use one or the other.  Since forticlient is my main endpoint protection solution, I have to install the full version of forticlient.  This happens to quite a few users that don't always connect to the VPN.  So, I'm forced to now move away from Forticlient...  I did try to use the product.  I'll be installing the free SSL vpn client that doesn't expire.  Problem solved, but not what fortinet should want.  Let me know if any of you know a work around or can recommend a solution that allows me to retain forticlient and not have to worry about the forticlient expiring... 

“When things go wrong, don't go with them.”
“When things go wrong, don't go with them.”
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The only "workaround" is to give the FortiClientEMS server a public IP address and let the clients connect to that over the Internet.


Except they still lose connection and eventually license anyway, at least with 6.4.1.


did you extend the validity period of registration? If not mistaken it should be called as "license timeout". You can opt for fortiems cloud. At least this one is always online and you dont need to trade an IP address. 

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If your forticlient license expires even when you're regularly using the vpn, something is not configured correctly.

The client needs to be able to see the EMS server on port 8013 to validate it's license.

There should be a firewall policy between the VPN pool and the EMS server to allow this.

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If you're using the features you should pay for the license. Why should it be free?


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