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Fortigate cloud email FG30E


How can I change the Fortigate cloud email address on my FG30E? I've tried various CLI commands but it does not work.


When I click on the GUI, Security Fabric,  Settings, Account Activate. I get the old email address. No way to change it.




The cloud email address is your account ID at Fortinet Support. You need to go to the support page (click FortiCare icon under SUPPORT AND SETTING menu) after you logged in to FortiCloud/FortiGate Cloud using your current email address.

You likely need to enter your current email address and password again to get in Customer Service&Support site. Then click "user icon" next to your account name to get in "Account" and you can find "Change Account ID(email)" menu there.



Thanks for the reply. I don't have access to the support portal where the device was registered. Is there a way to unlink it from a support ID account and set it up from scratch?



If your company account is managed by somebody else, you need to ask the person to get your email address changed (remove and create). But if you're saying you don't have support on the 30E and you're a home user and using the free service of FortiGate Cloud, I would try removing the 30E from your current inventory, then recreating a new account with a new email address using the 30E's serial number again.

If that attempt is rejected because the record of S/N is still somewhere in the cloud, I don't know what else you can do.


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