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FortiWeb IOS, version 5.5.x

I have a FortiWeb 1000D with a firmware version 5.41, build0560.

I would like to upgrade to the latest version which I belieive is 5.5.x


Now I was reading that I need to re-partition the hard disk first before upgrading to the latest version.


Has anyone upgrade from version 5.4 to 5.5. yet?

If you have, how easy/hard was the partition part?


Any help would be appreciated.


Alfred Cruz
Alfred Cruz
Contributor II



It's easy. Just follow the release notes... The 're-partition' firmware will do nothing more than that. It will reboot with the same config that you have.


After upgrade to 5.5 is a good practice did a "rebuild db" for the logs works well.

Regards, Paulo Raponi

Regards, Paulo Raponi



Thanks for the info!  

I appreciate it !



Alfred Cruz
Alfred Cruz

Hello, I have the same situation and cannot determine whether I can upload the 'repartition image' via the webgui 'upgrade' link or that I have to connect via CLI console port and then upload that image through tftp?

If it is that simple by uploading via webgui, do I have to upload the final image (5.5.4 in our case) after that repartition image has been uploaded earlier?

And then it is HA, but since we work on a 5.4.x FortiOS ,this should be as easy as upload to the primary, as you used to do with a Fortigate HA cluster?


Thank you and regards,

Ralph Willemsen

Arnhem Netherlands


The instructions are a little confusing.


I did not have to do anything special, I uploaded the latest firmware and the "re-partition" part is done while it is being upgraded.  


I'm not familiar with HA though.... 

Alfred Cruz
Alfred Cruz

Hello Guys


This may Help you

2 steps only,


1. download the repartition image at portal then upload it in device after reboot

2. upload the latest firmware after reboot.


Cheers Countryboy


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