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FortiToken 200 battery life

My FortiToken 200 is approaching 5 years old now.  Will it have a low battery indicator when it's about to go out or will it just stop working?   Just wondering if I should go ahead and get a replacement while it's still working. 

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From memory the screen starts to fade a little when its running low on battery. I've heard they can last for 7-8 years, so I'd recommend keep using it until it starts to fade.


Well, it depends .. the most power hungry part in the FortiToken 200/200-CD/220 is display.

Therefore if you use it occasionally, then it will last longer then heavily/actively used token.


Safe guess is 5Y battery life approximated to roughly 14000 cycles.


So, I would keep it till it fails. With this scenario coming kept in mind, and with safe way/backup account or whatever suits you to be able to regain admin access to the protected unit even without the token.

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