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sslvpn login to internal sites with iphone

we realize that when ios users tries to sslvpn with forticlient to internal site, they will encounter problem.

eg http://mediasales/media/login.php.

it will says page could not be loaded. or safari cannot open the page because the server cannot be found.


but if we use IP address,, the internal site can be accessed.

is this a DNS issue or IOS issue?

we tested using windows laptop with forticlient, we can access through mediasales/media/login.php. only when we tried using iphone to access the site, we can't.

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i read some where in the fortinet forum that this issue requires disabling of split tunnelling on the fortigate.

am i correct 

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Sounds like a DNS issue.

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actually i found out that not only iphone users.

even normal windows users when they bring their laptop from, they only can access the file server is use IP address.

using hostname dont work.

\\servername\foldername - dont work

\\\foldername - works 

have already added DNS servers as one of the servers they can access.

seems like the fortigate cannot see the DNS servers


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