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FortiOS Diagnostic WiKi Launched

Launched Finally - Was awaiting this for long

Ahead of the Threat. FCNSA v5 / FCNSP v5

Fortigate 1000C / 1000D / 1500D


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Where is the wiki gone? It seems to be offline a long time.

Is there any substitute?

Andre Henkel

It's been decommisioned a long time ago, no replacement as far as I can tell (since at least 2019).

If you're looking for some debug commands, check, or search for specific features in here in the knowledge base articles, or feel free to go ahead and open a new topic in here with your question/issue.

[ corrections always welcome ]
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It has been down for at least 5-6 years now. I miss it too.

It also doesn't help that FortiOS CLI reference for newer versions do not include diagnose branches at all. 


I actually started Fortigate debug and diagnose commands complete cheat sheet because of this, and some day it will indeed be complete )

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