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FortiOS 6.4.3 is out!

NSE 4/5/7
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Hopefully get a lab set up with this next week.


Really want more details on some of the known issues, like

[size="3"]     555616   [/size]TCP packets sent out wrong interface and have high CPU usage.



Response to this from Reddit: "It's not a new issue, it was just added to the release notes. If you're already on some 6.4 build and don't have any such problem, you're good to go. Seems to be something weird and non-reproducible so far."


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This appears to have broken my tunnel mode SSIDs. Bridged SSIDs work fine still


60F and a 221E AP



Had to:

config sys npu

set capwap-offload disable



Then reboot. The capwap offloading seems to be a much larger issue than described in the known issues. This will likely effect any F model.

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