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FortiOS 5.6.4 is out.


FortiGate 200A/B, 224B, 110C, 100A/D, 80C/CM/Voice, 60B/C/CX/D, 50B, 40C, 30B
FortiAnalyzer 100B, 100C
FortiMail 100,100C
FortiManager VM
FortiAuthenticator VM
FortiAP 220B/221B, 11C

FCNSA, FCNSP---FortiGate 200A/B, 224B, 110C, 100A/D, 80C/CM/Voice, 60B/C/CX/D, 50B, 40C, 30BFortiAnalyzer 100B, 100CFortiMail 100,100CFortiManager VMFortiAuthenticator VMFortiTokenFortiAP 220B/221B, 11C
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I tried it with 60D by forgetting about our office 60D policies use a zone that includes a physical interface (non-tagged) and multiple VLAN subinterfaces (tagged) after read through the release notes and noticed the caution "all members of the zone would be dropped". Sure enough it did.

After a TT with TAC and some own tests with another test 60D, I decided going back to 5.4.8 for the office 60D. Because only way to restore the zone (original set of policies) with all members is to remove all VLANs on the physical interface and put the phy interface as a sole member of the zone first. Then you can recreate all VLANs I removed then put them in the zone. Not only DHCP servers but some other widgets monitoring usage need to be removed before I can remove VLANs. In the middle trying this process I gave up and decided to wait the next release, 5.6.5. TAC gave me the bug ID but it's not in the "known issues" list in the release notes.

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NOTE : Users of v5.6.3 should be aware that these changes also apply to this release.  The option is available in v5.6.4 

No it's not!!!


BugID 456566 is still included in the known bug list!


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